How to Use Specific Color Mixes

March 8, 2021


Hey logo designers, today I'd like to show you how you can set very specific formulas for your colors using Logo Package Express. Oftentimes you'll have selected your brand colors before you even open Logo Package Express to make your final logos. So how do we make sure that the colors that you have preselected are the same as the colors that Logo Package Express uses. If you have Pantone color selected my recommendation is to start with a logo that is colored with those Pantones.


So I'm going to go to my Swatch panel and I'm going to open the color books for solid coated.


I'm going to open Swatch Library > Color Books > Solid Coated and I'm just going to type in 187 and I'm going to drag in that swatch. 187 is the PMS specified for this logo. So I'm going to make a selection of all of the red parts and apply that Pantone color. Now I'm ready to set the logo, so I will press "Set Logo" and then I'll set the different components.


We have the shield and the logotype. Now, I will make print logos. And as you can see, Logo Package Express has saved that Pantone 187 C and reapplied it to our Pantone logos.


So the next thing we need to do is check our CMYK conversion. So I'll go back to the document and I'll copy over our guide into the working document.


OK, we're looking to have the CMYK mix of 5, 100, 71, 22. Well, fortunately, these swatches inside of Logo Package Express are all global swatches, meaning that if we make a change to the swatch, it will be applied everywhere inside of the working document. So I'm going to double click to open the swatch and I'm just going to put in the correct mix 5, 100, 71, and 22. And when I click ok, all of the artwork has been changed. And just to show you, this is now 5, 100, 71, 22 and so is this and so is the university logotype.


So now that these colors are correct, all we have to do is export. After the print export is done, click "Make Web Logos." And now we're going to want to check the RGB mix against our original colors.


So again, I will copy over this guide to our working document and I will take a look at the color swatch. And what I have is 184, 18, and 55. And that's not even close to our brand guides, so I'm going to open up the swatch and type in 153, 0, 0 and click "Ok." And now that gets automatically applied to our entire suite of logos and I'll double check just for good measure.


Yep. Everything appears to be using the new swatch. So this is how you can guarantee a specific color mix using Logo Package Express. Thanks for watching.

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