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Here’s what you need to know about being a Logo Package affiliate.

You must have a Gumroad account

You affiliate link will be provided through Gumroad. If you don't have an account yet, you'll need to set one up. It's free!

Create a Gumroad account

Your commission is 30%

You will be awarded a 30% commission when you make a sale through the link. The commission is approximately $35.70 (USD) per sale when the product is full price.

30-day cookie policy

Once someone uses your link, a cookie will be placed on their computer and if they make a purchase within 30 days, you will get a cut of the sale. The commission is awarded to the last link clicked, so If someone clicks another affiliate link after yours but before they make their purchase, you will not receive the sale.

The sacred link

When you become an affiliate, you will be issued a link to share with your audience. The link will look something like this:

DO NOT click your link and then copy the URL. These links redirect. If you use the redirect link, you will not receive commissions. Use the link you receive exactly as it is, or shorten your affiliate link with a link shortener like Bitly.


Download and use these Logo Package assets for your promotions.

Instagram Reel

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Instagram Post

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Demo Video

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Instagram Story

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Twitter Post

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Facebook Post

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Box Art

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Become a Logo Package affiliate today!

It’s official, people love Logo Package Express! Sign up today to start making money spreading the word about Logo Package Express.

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