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March 8, 2021


Hey, logo designers, today I'd like to talk to you about how you can use Logo Package Express to convert your logo colors into Pantone. As you can see, I have generated a suite of print logos from Logo Package Express, and in it we have our full color logos, but we also have some Pantone versions.


So if we go down here and take a look, we'll see that there is a Pantone coated and a Pantone uncoated version of our full-color logo, as well as of our inverted logo. So let me show you how to set this up.


You'll need to go to the settings page in the panel by clicking the gear icon in the upper right corner. Once there, you'll need to go to the color tab. The first set of options under the color tab is the Pantone conversion settings.


On the left, we have checkboxes for whether or not you'd like to include coated and uncoated Pantone swatches and whether you'd like Logo Package Express to automatically convert your colors or if you would like to apply colors manually. In this current example, I've used our automatic conversion and let's see how closely it matches. I'm going to grab the Pantone coated option and I'm just going to drag up a duplicate for comparison to our original full color logo.


And if we zoom in and take a look, you can see that this is a really nice, really close match and you can expect really good matches from the automatic conversion that Logo Package Express does. But maybe you have a Pantone coated book and you've gone through and picked out really great matches for your colors. What do you do then? Well, you have two options.


And one is to use the manual conversion in the settings. So I'm going to undo this copy and I'm going to go over to the settings and I'm going to click manual. Now, I will go down to make print logos again. Because I've chosen manual Pantone coated version, a pop up is going to appear telling me I need to recolor my logo's, so I'll click continue. And if we take a look at our Pantone coated and Pantone uncoated versions and the bottom two rows, you will see that these logos do not have Pantone colors applied.


And in fact, there are no Pantone swatches in this file. So with manual mode applied, you would have to come in and open up Swatch books and recolor these logos to the swatches that you've chosen.


That's method number one. Method number two is to use the Pantone first workflow inside of Logo Package Express. Let me show you how it works.


I'm going to go back to the Settings panel and change the Pantone conversion back to automatic. Now, I've prepared another file and this file is using Pantone colors already.


You'll see that we have 360 C picked for our green and we have 7677 picked for our purple.


Those swatches are already applied to the artwork.


So instead of setting a logo with CMYK colors first or RGB colors first, we're going to set a logo with Pantone colors. First, I've reset the extension and now I'm going to make a selection of this logo and set logo. And as you can see, the new working document has retained that 360 C and 7677 C Pantone colors that were applied to the artwork and now when I click make print logos.


You will see that our Pantone coated version and our Pantone uncoated version have both retained the colors that we selected in our previous document, the 7677 and the 360, and for the uncoated versions, which were not in the original document. As you can see here, we don't have any uncoated. For the uncoated, we are just using the same number as the coated swatches, so this is another method for getting your Pantone colors into Logo Package Express.


The last thing I want to show you is if you uncheck uncoated or coated, those options will simply not be generated. So let's uncheck and click make print logos.


Now, you can see we only have Pantone uncoated variations and Pantone coated has not been included. If we uncheck uncoated and check coated and then go to make print logos, you'll see in this case, uncoated has been excluded and only coated has been included. Lastly, you can uncheck both options and not worry about Pantone at all.


If you're deciding not to provide your clients with Pantone colored logos. So if I click make print logos, you'll see that Logo Package Express does not generate any Pantone options. So those are all the ways you can work with Pantone inside of Logo Package Express. Thanks for watching.

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