How to Create Custom Logo Variations

March 8, 2021


Hey logo designers, today I'm going to show you how you can export a logo package that includes custom variations for certain logos.


In this example there's a black logo on the left and a white logo on the right. And the black logo is different from the white logo. The black logo has outlines that connect. You can see that's totally different here. The cheek of the cow is a solid shape, whereas here it is a completely different shape. So these two logos are completely different.


Well, how do we work with that inside of Logo Package Express? I'm going to set the black logo first and click "Set Logo," and now I'm going to make logos. And what we're going to see is that the white version of this logo is totally different than what we had expected.


So back on the other document, I'm simply going to copy the custom artwork, come back into the working document for Logo Package Express, and I'm going to delete the artwork from the white artboard.


Now I'm going to paste, and with my control panel settings set to align artboard, I'm going to align this artwork to the center of the artboard after Logo Package Express has generated its variations.


It doesn't really care what is inside of the artboards. It will always export the artwork as you have it on the artboard when you click the export button.


So now all that's left to do is to delete the versions that we don't need and export. So this is how you can export a logo from Logo Package Express that has custom variations. Thanks for watching.

Customize to your heart’s content

You know best what your clients need, so we want you to make your logo packages your way. Fine tune your logo packages with custom variations.

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