How to export Social Media Avatars

March 8, 2021


Hey, logo designers, today I wanted to show you how you can use Logo Package Express to export square logos for social media avatars. So as you can see, I've already exported these logos for the web, but now I want to make them square so that we can post them to social media. So how can I do that? Well, I'm going to use some of the settings in Logo Package Express to make this effect.


So what I'm going to do is firstly I'm going to go to the naming tab and under the naming tab, I'm going to change the logo to social media.


And the reason I'm changing this name is because I want the logos to be exported into a folder called Social Media with the name social media in the logo files. So that's why I'm renaming this. And if I click make Webelos again, you'll see that the column is now called Social Media. So the next setting I'm going to go into is the padding setting.


This logo is one hundred and four pixels wide. So what I'm going to do is I'm going to unlink the padding setting here and on the left I'm going to add 20 pixels and on the right I'm going to add 20 pixels. And so that has created a width of one hundred and forty four pixels.


This logo is 34 pixels tall, so I need to add one hundred and ten pixels to the height and I will split that in half and put fifty five pixels of padding on the top and fifty five pixels of padding on the bottom.


And now if I were to draw out a rectangle, you'll see that this is a perfect one hundred and forty four by one hundred and forty four square.


So the last setting that I need to change is the scale. I want to make sure that these are big enough for social media. So I'm going to set a width of nine hundred pixels and that will be good for most social media profile images. So now I'm ready to export and I'll click export web logos. And what you'll see is that a new folder is generated called Social Media that contains all of our social media sizes. We have a JPEG here of 900.


It's perfectly square. PNG as well in all of the different color formats. Now, of course, if you didn't want all of these different color formats for social media, you could simply delete them before exporting.


This is the first method for creating square social media avatar logos using Logo Package Express. But there's an even easier way to do this that doesn't include any math.


So what I'm going to do is I'm going to restart and I'm going to go back to the artwork file.


And in the artwork file, I can simply draw out a square. And when I create the square, I'll send it to the back and I'll make sure that my logo artwork is centered within it. So I'm just going to center this horizontally and vertically.


And now I can just set this whole piece of artwork as my logo and that's going to bring it in as a square to begin with. So now all I have to do is click make Web logos and I'm going to get those square artboards by default because the artwork that I am converting is square. Now, some of these are filled in completely. And that's because we do have a square shape here. So all you need to do is grab the direct select tool by pressing A and just grab that rectangle on every one of these artboards and press delete and you'll see that the artwork is back to normal.


And now when you export, you will have perfectly square logos and they will be set to the scale you've set up under the scales tab. So these are the two methods for exporting square social media avatar logos from Logo Package Express. Thanks for watching.

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