How to Export Multiple Layouts for Your Logo

March 8, 2021


Hey logo designers, today I wanted to show you how you can export multiple layouts for a logo using Logo Package Express. This example includes a horizontal logo and a vertical stack logo. So let's use Logo Package Express to export both layouts of this logo. I'm going to start with the horizontal version of the logo. I'm going to go ahead and click set logo. Then I'm going to select the different components.


I have the logo mark and I have the logotype. Now, the Logo mark and the logotype are the same between both of our layouts.


There's a difference in size, but that's not really going to matter as far as the export is concerned. So I'm going to accomplish getting the mark by itself and the logotype by itself with this first horizontal export. So now I'll click make print logos and this will generate all of the different variations — just like I expected. I want to change the name from "logo" to "horizontal logo" so that organization inside of the package is easier at the end of this process.


So I'm going to go to the settings page and I'm going to go to the naming tab and I'll scroll down to where it says logo. And here I'm just going to put in "horizontal logo" and when I tab out, you'll see that the name has updated to say horizontal logo. And now when I export these print logos, that name will remain. So as we can see, these files are going to be generated and we're going to get a folder called "Horizontal Logo" because we changed that name.


Then we're going to get logo mark folders and logotype folders. And this should include everything that we want for the horizontal logo, the logo mark and the logotype. I'm going to export the Web logos as well and skip to the next part of the tutorial.


Now that all the horizontal versions of the logo have been exported, it's time to reset the extension and go back to our original artwork file.


So I will reset. I don't need to save this and I'll go back to the original file. Now I'll make a selection of the vertical logo, which is the only layout that we haven't accounted for.


So I will click set logo, and in this case I'm not going to set any of the other components because we already exported the logo mark, and we already exported the logotyp. We're just interested in getting this particular vertical layout. So I need to go back to the settings and change the name.


This time I want it to be called "Vertical Logo", so I'll change the name and click make print logos. And as you can see, it is now being called "Vertical Logo" and we are ready to export.


So when I click export print logos and go to that same logo package, you'll see that now we are getting a folder generated called "Vertical Logo." And once I go through and finish the print export and the web exports, we will have a complete package with both layouts.


So now let's take a look at the final logo package. We have a horizontal logo which contains the logo in its horizontal orientation. We have just the Logo mark. We have just the logotype, and we have the logo in its vertical orientation. So that is how you can export a logo with more than one layout using Logo Package Express. Thanks for watching.

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If your logo projects require you to export multiple logos or logo layouts, Logo Package Express is going to save you oodles of time.

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