My Top Logo Design Blog Recommendations

January 15, 2021

My blog is a humble sort of blog. It’s very specific to logo design and making logo packages. If you’re here, I love you, and I want the best for you. I can’t expect you to leave room in your heart for only one logo blog, though. That would be selfish. I also don’t want you to spend your days scouring Google for the best logo design blogs. Instead, I want to share with you my absolute favorite blogs for logo designers so you know exactly where to turn when you finish reading my limited quantity of posts. Don’t worry, I won’t get jealous. We can all be friends.

Logo Geek 🇬🇧

Logo Geek blog articles

Ian Paget’s Logo Geek blog is a beast in the logo design content realm. If you Google “logo design blog,” my friend Ian has the top spot. In the last few years, the Logo Geek content has branched out to include more topics than just logo design, but the logo content is second-to-none.

My top article picks:

A Designer’s Guide to Creating Logo Files
A Guide to Generating Logo Design Ideas
How to Learn Logo Design for Free

JUST Creative 🇦🇺

Just Creative Blog

Jacob Cass is one of the most high-profile designers on the list. He’s worked with the likes of Nike, Disney, Nintendo, and Jerry Seinfeld, as well as iconic locations such as San Francisco, Puerto Rico, and New York’s Digital District. His blog features thousands of articles & resources to help businesses grow & thrive — including plenty of great content for logo designers.

Here are a few of the most recent articles to get you started:

How to Present your Logo Designs to Clients – Top Tips & Tools
10 Quick Fixes to Improve Your Website’s Search Rankings
How To Use Mood Boards For Brand Identity Design

Spoon Graphics 🇬🇧

Spoon Graphics blog logo

Spoon Graphics is much more than a simple content blog. There are three main types of content: Tutorials to show you how to create awesome designs; Free resources to use in your own artwork; and Articles to share theory and inspiration from various creative genres. Every week, Chris posts content into one of these categories.

Check out the content types:


The Logo Creative 🇬🇧

Logo Creative blog logo

Andrew Marriot runs the prolific Logo Creative design blog. Articles are posted nearly every day across the entire range of design topics. It’s an award winning blog, and just a generally great resource.

Here are some of the latest articles:

How to Make Professional Looking Videos as a Beginner
How Good Design Empowers Your Brand
Ensuring Your Logo Encompasses Your Brand

Inkbot Design 🇮🇪

Inkbot Design blog

Stuart Crawford runs the Inkbot Design studio out of Belfast in Northern Ireland. The Inkbot Design Blog focuses on branding, logos, web design, and digital marketing. The blog is full to the brim with tips and tricks for designers. It’s a great blog because it has the experience of a successful agency behind it.

Here are some recent Inkbot Design articles:

Brand Development Strategy Tips for Creative Business Owners
8 Tech Tools and Tips You Need to Scale Your Business Growth
Restaurant Logo Design Tips – a Branding Guide

Ebaqdesign 🇨🇦

The Ebaqdesign Blog features hundreds of articles about everything design ranging from branding and logo design to web design and freelancing.

Here are some recent Ebaqdesign articles:

How To Use Midjourney For Logo Design
Best Logo Design Software 2023
Learn Brand Strategy in 10 Minutes (2023 Crash Course)

Shameless Plug

The creators of every one of the blogs mentioned above use Logo Package Express for their professional work. It saves them tons of time exporting out final logo files for their clients. Don’t take my word for it — these people are the pros.

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My Top Logo Design Blog Recommendations

I'm sharing my absolute favorite blogs for logo designers.
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