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Spend your time creating logos, not exporting them.

Logo Package Express is the Adobe Illustrator extension that automatically generates and exports logo packages with blazing speed.



Logo Package Express 2.0 makes better logo packages.

Packaging a logo is boring and complex. First, you have to know what formats to provide, then you have to make them. Manually. One at a time. It takes forever and is a total pain in the ass.

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Make robust logo packages 10x faster

Logo Package Express can pump out 200+ logo files in under 5 minutes. We suggest you spend all that extra time bagging new clients and designing more logos.
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Create every possible file for your clients, guaranteed

The extension will automatically generate every file format, color scheme, and logo configuration your client could ever ask you for. Logo Package Express takes care of it all.
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Produce error-free packages every time

Logo Package Express can churn out dozens of pre-named logo files and organize them into a fool-proof folder structure in its sleep. You won’t ever have to manually create folders or name your logos one-by-one again, and your clients will have every file they need!
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Customize to your heart’s content

You know best what your clients need, so we want you to make your logo packages your way. Fine tune your logo packages with customizable file and folder naming, multi-scale export, and logo padding options.
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NEW Eliminate client confusion with Logo Package Portal

Logo Package Portal is the most intuitive and visually-driven logo asset tool around. Simply sync your logo files from the extension to the portal and your client’s will have every logo they need whenever they need it. Learn more


Logo Package Express pays for itself immediately by saving you time.

Use Logo Package Express and you can charge for a premium package without wasting hours of your time on it. Make more money in less time.
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Really, a full logo package in under 3 minutes? Yep.


What logo variations does Logo Package Express export?

Color Gamuts

CMYK color gamut
RGB color gamut
Pantone color swatches

Logo Components

Leaf logo
Full Color
Leaf logotype
Leaf logo mark
Logo Mark
Leaf logo with tagline
logo + tagline
Leaf logotype with tagline
logotype + tagline
Leaf tagline

Color Schemes

Full-color leaf logo
Full Color
Black leaf logo
One Color
White leaf logo
Inverted leaf logo
Grayscale leaf logo

File Types

Adobe Illustrator file formatPDF file formatEPS file formatSVG file formatPNG file formatJPG file format


Logo Package Express requires Adobe Illustrator CC 2018 or higher.
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What can you accomplish with the new Logo Package Express 2.0?

  • Export print and web logo packages in under 5 minutes
  • Automatically generate every color variation of your logo with 1 click — including Pantone matching
  • Produce an error-proof and easy-to-use naming convention and folder structure for your logo package
  • Customize everything from file and folder naming to logo scale and padding
  • NEW Transfer logos to your clients with ease using Logo Package Portal. Learn more
Requires Adobe Illustrator CC 2018 or newer. Available on Mac and Windows.
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Money-Back Guarantee

Logo Package Portal

Clients love you more when you put their logos on Logo Package Portal.

Logo Package Portal is a cloud-based asset portal that is seemlessly integrated wth our extension. The portal is so easy for your clients to use that they’ll never be confused during logo handoff again.
Learn More
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